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In this Radio interview you can discover a bit about Maria McGonigal.

1- A description of her company and the services she offers.


2- The background of her business and how she got to do the work she loves.


3- What inspired her to do this work.


4- Where dose she see herself in the near future and how you can be a part of it?



Rian McGonigal, Maria McGonigal, Enya, Mickey Hart & Tim Wheater demonstrate and speak about music as healing


How acoustic sound vibrations can be used for healing.
Recorded at House of Harmonies, Rian & Maria McGonigal's home and  studio in Prescott, AZ

World Premiere Performance of "Brahma"

by Rian McGonigal

Didgeridoo by Maria McGonigal

with the Prescott Symphony at the St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Prescott AZ


My Journey to find Soul Coaching®
From Bondage to Freedom

Published in the

Soul Coaching® International Institute Newsletter

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