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Welcome to the Professional Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification Training!

We are joyfully looking forward to our time together and will make every effort to create a superior experience for you in every regard.

We have a No Refund Policy.

We reserve the right to Cancel the Training if necessary.
In the unlikely event of us doing so, your payment will be refunded in full.

If an emergency forces a person to leave early no refunds will be issued.

You have two options to complete your Training and earn your Certification.

1- You have the choice to join us for another course at a later date.
     A student may apply the remainder of their tuition to a future certification course.

     Course will need to be completed 1 year from the starting date of the course you didn’t complete.
     If the course is not complete within 1 year you will lose the remainder tuition.

2- You can work with me privately to fulfill the missing time.

 If you would like to work with me privately in order to

     complete the course my fee is $650 a day.
 This fee does not include lodging, meals, or extra expenses of any kind.

Each situation will be addressed with the utmost professionalism and compassion and we will make every effort to make sure you complete your Certification.



1- This is an Intensive Training physically and emotionally but the rewards are priceless.
    Beautiful transformations will occur that might demand diving deep into the shadow to uncover its gifts.

    Be ready to embody the Warrior's Archetype.


2- We reserve the right to terminate the training without any refund if a student disturbs or disrupts the training,   

    the teacher or other students in any way.


3- If for any reason you decide to leave during the training no refunds will be issued.


4- In order to Graduate as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner you need to fully complete all the requirements during
     the 8 day on-site Training as well as the Soul Coaching® 28 Day Program to the Trainers satisfaction.

     The Soul Coaching® 28 Day Program is an intrinsic part of the Training and daily participation on the FB Group

     during the 28 Day is required to Graduate. Make sure you are available during those dates.


     Students who do not complete the course will need to return all course materials asap.

     The course materials are copy written materials for Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioners use only.

     No Certification will be issued without full completion of the Training.

5- We start each day promptly and you are expected to be on time.

     Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier but no earlier.
     Each time you are late you will be asked to pay $20 towards a fund that will be sent to a Charity chosen by

     the Trainer.

6- Independently of what trainings or methods you have learned in the past you are expected to follow and apply the
     Soul Coaching® unique methods and techniques in order to Graduate.

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