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Solstice Sound Journey


Thank you for your interest in our work. For personal reasons we will unfortunately need to cancel this event. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We look forward to having you join us for one of our many events in 2021.
May your Holiday Season be filled with Health, Peace & Love.

                      Maria & Rian

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with Rian & Maria McGonigal

Online ~ December 20, 2020 ~ 4 to 5pm MT

Early Bird ~ $35
After December 17 ~ $50

Shortest day & longest night,  
Let shadow work enhance the light.
Increase the darkness, increase the light,
Courageously, increase soul  flight.

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The shortest day in the northern hemisphere is the longest day in the southern hemisphere.
We find our selves in perfect balance between the extremes that make life beautiful & challenging.
We delve into the longest night with full knowledge that our brothers & sisters below us are enjoying the longest day. We are not separated!

The magic, beauty & power of sound has fascinated and transformed humankind since time immemorial.
Sound has been used by all cultures for healing, celebration, and ceremony.

In this exquisite Solstice Sound Journey, we will celebrate this magical time with original music by Rian McGonigal on the Guitar, Guitar & Handpan duets, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, and the Voice where we invite you to participate.


We will experience:

1- how “quality listening” can carve a new path for communication, enhance our

     relationships, practices, and brighten our world.

2- vibrational sound to enter highly creative states of meditation, promote healing,
     new insights, and creative solutions.

3- how simple 'humming' can release beneficial hormones in our bodies and deepen
     our heart’s intention for the New Year ahead.

Day or night, darkness or light, the sound remains the same.
We are one, and we are all, sound sparks uniting flames.
With sound our minds, and hearts and souls expand in all directions.
And conscious love envelops us, containing all connections

So place yourself in one position.
Open your heart and listen, listen.
Sonic waves will glisten, glisten,
Ending all forms of division.

We look forward to sharing this ceremonial meditation with you.
Feel free to share this invitation with your friends.


Rian & Maria McGonigal

Rian & Maria met 27 years ago onboard the cruise ship Crystal Harmony and were married in Sedona at the feet of Cathedral Rock 3 years later.

They create beauty as a sustainable field to weave their creations.

Rian's success as a Sound & Music Healing Practitioner at two major Cancer Centers has proven the effectiveness of this approach to healing.
His work was featured on CNN and FOX News.

Rian & Maria work as a team and offer Acoustic Sound Healing, Yoga & Meditation trainings, programs, and retreats in person and online.

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