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acoustic sound healing practitioner

professional certification

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other

in the integration of the human being

because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the Soul

on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace,

and making the Soul of him who is rightly educated truly graceful.  


~ Plato

Sappho Recalled to Life by the Charm of Music

Louis Ducis, (c.1811)

Become an...

Acoustic Sound Healing Practitioner


and Guest Teacher MARIA McGONIGAL

We feel honored and privileged to continue sharing and teaching in the lineage of such great "Sound Masters" as: Pythagoras, Hermann Helmholtz, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Johannes Kepler and more recent ones as: Fabien Maman, Jonathan Goldman, Don Campbell, Alfred Tomatis and many others. We were deeply inspired by them all!

Our vision is to continue being messengers and re-creators of such magnificent wisdom
for the benefit of the individual and Humanity.

Russill Paul, author of "Yoga of Sound", informs us that: "The human species suffers from a pervading imbalance because the eye dominates the ear, which corresponds to male forms dominating the female. Many of our problems, ranging from unrest in our relationships to international conflict, can be minimized through reevaluating the way we view, utilize, and relate to sound - and, consequently, to the feminine in our lives."

This Certification Program is the culmination of Rian's lifetime relationship with music and sound. For the last 33 years he has been researching, experimenting and developing the potential of sound to balance, harmonize and heal on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Rian McGonigal has been a pioneer of the Acoustic Sound Healing movement since the late 1980's. A healing crisis he went through provided the opportunity to bring
Acoustic Sound Healing to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Dr. O. Carl Simonton Cancer & Counseling Center where Rian developed and directed the
Therapeutic Music & Sound Departments. 

Maria is a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer, Advanced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, International Retreat Leader and Speaker and International Best Selling Author.

Rian & Maria met in 1993, got married in 1996 and have worked together as a team ever   since.
They beautifully blend the female and male energies and consciously apply the theory
that couples in love magnify the healing power.


Acoustic Sound Healing Practitioner


professional certification programs

in Prescott, AZ - USA


intensives & immersions




LEVEL I - 5 day immersion
APRIL 3-7, 2020

Registration Due Date

MARCH 27, 2020 

LEVEL I - 5 Day immersion
OCTOBER 2-6, 2020


new Date coming soon

prescott, Arizona - USA


Mystical Watson Lake - 2 minutes from our Academy


The Acoustic Sound Healing Program is complete, unique and extensively researched.
We cover all the ancient sacred sound healing instruments and the voice. 

The program also provides a profound inner journey of self-growth.


Acoustic Sound Healing practitioner


LEVEL I - intensive & immersion 


Level I will be an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of Acoustic Sound Healing that we've discovered, developed and practiced for over thirty years.

Backed up with extensive practical research and mental integration, the program will be a joyous exploration and application of the knowledge acquired.

You will be instructed in the basic concepts of:

~ Sound Frequencies, Cycles, Octaves, Monaural Beats,  Binaural Beats, Resonance, Entrainment,

   Overtones, Harmonics and how these concepts manifest among all the instruments and voice.

~ Color, Movement, Meditation, Breathing, Mantras 

You will leave with an understanding and practical experience of:

~ How Sound heals on multi-dimensional levels.
~ Basic concepts of the physics of Sound
~ Techniques to skillfully apply basic concepts of Sound Healing
~ The instruments you will choose to incorporate into your Acoustic Sound Healing practice      

~ Designing your own "Acoustic Sound Healing Session" 

~ Creating your "Sacred Healing Space" applying Beauty, Feng Shui, Color, Aroma, Crystals, etc.

~ Energizing and raising your personal vibration, the vibration of your space and of your clients.

You will receive:

~ Certificate of Attendance - Level I
~ Certificate of Completion - Level I (after completion of Practicum)
~ Acoustic Sound Healing Training Manual by Rian & Maria McGonigal
~ Questionnaires for collecting testimonials for required sessions and completion of Practicum
~ Listing on our website of current Level I students available for personal sessions
~ 10% discount on the purchase of instruments and other sound & color related items from our store

Rian McGonigal - Music for Healing

Rian McGonigal - Music for Healing

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The Nature of Sound  

Emphasis on Basic Acoustic Sound Healing Techniques and Personal Sessions


Day 1 ~ Introduction/Drumming - Earth 

Day 2 ~ Didgeridoo - Wood/Air

Day 3 ~ Crystal Singing Bowls - Mineral                   

Day 4 ~ Tibetan Bowls/Gongs - Metal

Day 5 ~ Voice - Air/Ether


~ You will be instructed and leave with a deep understanding of basic concepts and techniques 

    of Sound Therapy


~ You will receive full instruction on how to offer:
Acoustic Sound Healing Sessions



- LEVEL I ~ Certificate of Attendance awarded after onsite training
- LEVEL I ~ Certificate of Completion awarded after Practicum


Students will have 6 months to complete 12 documented
Acoustic Sound Healing Personal Sessions  

What is included