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Sound & Silence

The Art of Listening

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Online Sonic Meditation

with Rian & Maria McGonigal on ZOOM

February 7, 2021
Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm

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We have a No-Refund Policy 

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“ When the lips are silent, the heart has a hundred tongues.”

~ Rumi


Meditation provides a deep, quality rest for the mind.

Quality rest is essential for us to meet the challenges of our lives without falling prey to stress related illness, which modern medicine now agrees is the cause of much disease, both physical and mental.

Mental fatigue and clarity may diminish under the weight of unnecessarily held stresses.


A Sound & Silent weekend to deepen our meditation and clear out residue left from ”resolved” issues. Many times we have done the inner work on mental and/or emotional issues, but the vibrational residue of the emotions lingers in the body and memory.


Sound can sonically 'sweep' the dust away from resolved issues, leaving us feeling spiritually and emotionally clear. At that point, we have greater access to deeper meditation.


We will experience the full range of sonic frequencies, rhythms, binaural beats, harmonics & overtones from the most powerful acoustic sound generators associated with meditation, healing, shamanism, sound therapy, and consciousness expansion.

We will attune ourselves with the Sound vibrations, raising our frequencies,
and maintain that state...
then immerse ourselves gracefully into the deep and infinite silence.

Sound directed with intention becomes healing.

Sound received with intention deepens the healing.

Rian McGonigal

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