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"Sermons on the Mat"

Sutras from

Sermons on the Mat

my forthcoming Yoga & Meditation Book

All photos by Maria & Rian McGonigal

From the Introduction to

"Sermons on the Mat"

... "I always liked surprises, and this book was a complete surprise. It is an unexpected book in the sense that I didn’t make the decision to write it.


... "Diane Clevenger, one of my students, presented her “Yoga Creative Project” for my class at the Yavapai Community College in Prescott.
It was a selection of threads from a compilation of notes that she had carefully written down over a period of 4 years while Meditating, Breathing and getting herself through hundreds of Sun Salutations."...


I have taught this one credit Yoga class for Yavapai College Community College since 2001.
When I began teaching, the class was pretty much about presenting the students with a series of poses and ending with Savasana (Relaxation pose); basically following the recipe I had experienced in my 7 years of personal practice.

With the added benefit, in my opinion, of some cool music to stimulate the appetite for the poses and raise a wave of vibration for the students to ride on.

I was consciously moving away from the mandatory, silent environment I had experienced, and it felt good. Needless to say that this new way of sharing Yoga also revealed a new way to approach the 1 Credit Class and its assignments.


... "As the years progressed my classes became less about a series of poses and more about honoring the moment and sharing life as it came.

It became more about integrating the idea of a human being as a beautiful unified field of awareness, comprised of much more than just the physical body, and creating the space for that to be explored in a regular 50 minutes class.
The poses were an inspirational springboard to wild discoveries into the mystery of the human body, mind, emotions and heart." ...

~ Maria McGonigal

Praise for "Sermons on the Mat"

Angie pregnant.jpg

Angie Dilegame

Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Cosmetologist

Photography by Dale Odell

Knowing, sharing and experiencing Maria McGonigal has been, and continues to be one of the most influential and healing  aspects of my entire life...

... And the yoga, oh beautiful Maria yoga! She set the bar high for me and yoga forever after. With her gentle and unassuming ways, she managed to impart an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience in a 50 min class! I think I came to the same beginners yoga class with her for about 5 years straight. I just felt so safe and supported in my body and in my growing practice with her.

Eventually she inspired and encouraged me to become a yoga teacher myself, something I never would have believed possible before and couldn't imagine life without now!...

... I remember the day the student presented her with the project that would become this book. I remember the room lighting up with such agreement that all that was Maria absolutely needed to be shared. I also remember seeing that focused and fiery effervescence that Maria is made up of ignite!

My heart just overflows to see so much of what this incredible woman has to offer written and accessible to so many! I truly believe that the many lives she will continue to touch, shape and rebirth with "Sermons on the Mat" and her continued sharing will be as wholeheartedly grateful as I am.

~ Angie Dilegame

Coming soon!

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