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Today was a day like no other day...

Today was a day

like no other day

Today the wind whispered my name

and the clouds branded the sky

With accents of fire and gold

Ancient gold

I was eating clouds

and my essence


the lighter essence

that it is

A day of honoring

what has come to pass

and begin anew

what has always been

A day when

my lustrous heart

heard the rolling thunder

and began beating

in harmony

impregnated by silence

A day when time

became its opposite

and nothing

needed to be done

now or later

A day when the visitors

in my ear

were ancient sages,

lords and mermaids

unrestrained and unbridled heroes

of a never forgotten tale

A day beyond

good and evil

A day when heroes

dropped their bows

and arrows melted

in the sunset fire

A day when poetry

savored the wild flowers

of distant lovers

A day when the princess in me


with an overdose of beauty

and my soul knew


in a day

© Maria McGonigal                       Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 9:48pm

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