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with Guest Musician Rian McGonigal

Adventures in Consciousness & Transformation


Off the beaten path and toward the within!

On-Demand Retreats to ancient, powerful vortices

Are you in or visiting Arizona and want to create a unique memory

at a powerful and beautiful place in Nature?

  Take a walk, do some Yoga, Meditate, experience a Soul Coaching® Soul Journey,

      soak in some sound vibrations, elevate your experience with pure essential oils or all of the above.


Maria has traveled the world and has visited some of its most beloved landscapes and historic sites.

She believes that some of the most stunning sites are right here in Arizona.

Originally from Portugal she naturally misses the ocean that saw her grow up. But she has grown to absolutely love the desert and its mystique.

To be continued...

Maria has traveled the world and visited some

of the most beloved landscapes, historic sites and spiritual vortices.

She believes that some of the most stunning, and powerful sites

are right here in Arizona.

sedona sagrada

(Sacred Sedona)

Birthing Cave

Shaman's Cave

Montezuma Well

Montezuma Castle

Mystical Prescott

Granite Dells

Stellar Desert Sky



Retreat Prices depend on number of people and days.

Some photos by the talented Theresa Rose of TreeRose Photography

Be a proud owner of her exquisite Photography

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