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Acoustic Sound Healing

Sappho Recalled to Life by the Charm of Music

Louis Ducis, (c.1811)

Acoustic Sound Healing

“Nada Brahma” is Sanskrit for “All is Vibration”.

In many spiritual traditions, sound established the form of the universe. “In the Beginning” a word was spoken, a song was sung, and the universe appeared.


The ancients were well aware of the nature of sound, and used it to heal and raise consciousness.

Now, new physics assures us literally that “all is vibration”. The ancient wisdom prevails.


We understand that “intention” is carried by sound. Our intention is to harmonize the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and to raise consciousness.

Vibration is the language of Creation. Vibration creates sound and sound creates language.

We use the sound of that language to call back to our creator. As we speak and sing of where we came, we draw closer to the all-pervasive, loving “Heart” of divine oneness, returning to the Source.

How acoustic sound vibrations can be used for healing. Recorded at our Home Studio in Prescott, AZ.

Rian McGonigal, Maria McGonigal, Enya, Mickey Hart & 

Tim Wheater demonstrate and speak about music as healing.

For the last 25 years my husband Rian McGonigal and I have worked as a team.

Rian is a lifelong Classical Guitarist, composer and a pioneer in the field of Vibrational Sound Healing.

He has been a teacher and mentor and has taught me everything I know about the extraordinary power of Sound and Music.

World Premiere Performance of "Brahma" by Rian McGonigal

Didgeridoo by Maria McGonigal

 acoustic sound healing offerings

~ Private & group sessions

~ Presentations
~ Weekend intensives
~ Workshops
~ Retreats
~ Certifications

Masterfully combining all of the ancient shamanic instruments and voice: Drums, Didgeridoos, Tibetan Bells and Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Monochord, and the very magical Spacedrum along with Mantra repetition, and Harmonic or Overtone singing.


If you would like Maria to present a transformative Acoustic Sound Healing event

please contact Maria.


Vibrational Color

And "God" said, “Let there be Light”.


The sun maintains life on this planet. It is the source of all energy, light and color.


Light and color therapy are now established modalities in medical science, holistic and energy medicine.


On a subtler level than our “water bodies”, we are “light bodies”.


Color therapy works with the light body to address physical, mental and emotional healing.

Crystal Bowls © Maria McGonigal

Lauri Betourne Koo

Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist

Abstract Flame

I was recently gifted a private sound healing session with Maria and it was such a wonderful and profound experience.


Her graceful, flowing and intuitive approach to the plethora of sound instruments in her studio is mesmerizing.

She helped me to relax and connect with the deepest parts of myself. I experienced spatial sound and felt the vibrational frequencies and tones beyond our physical reality. At one point I even felt as if I was surrounded by a great vibrating bubble!

I expressed through a painting what my experience was, such as words can be difficult to convey. Some of my observations immediately and days following my session were feelings of spiritual lightness, as well as a higher sense of self-awareness.

Even sensing more of a breakthrough of limiting beliefs and obstacles resulting in moving forward and taking action.

These are all aspects of Maria's gifted healing abilities and her capacity to embody fully sound healing is exceptional.


Her feminine, loving, warmhearted energy and personality are truly a gift to this world and a reflection of her "beauty" inside and out!


I am forever grateful and look forward to having more sound healing experiences!

Lauri Betourne Koo_edited.jpg

I expressed through a painting what my experience was, such as words can be difficult to convey.
~ Lauri Betourne Koo

Create an Extraordinary Life!

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