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Soul coaching® Practitioner Certification

Are you a Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner?

If yes, you are now ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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As a Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner you know the incredible wealth of knowledge and information available to you, and to your students and clients.

In the Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification

we are adding potent tools that will immensely magnify

the already transformative power of the Soul Coaching® Program.

The Advanced Soul Coaching® Certification

is more than information that can be read, questions answered, or diagrams drawn.

It is also the process of strengthening the connection to the divine within yourself

so you can then extend that connection to your students and clients.

It is about magnifying your own power and inner wisdom.


The Advanced Soul Coaching® Certification

is also a gateway into becoming a

Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner

and/or a

Soul Coaching® Trainer



I am inviting you to step

into your next level of transformation!

Become a catalyst to inspire others

 as we create a New World
where every desire is a proclamation from our Soul!


Soul coaching® Practitioner Certification

6 Day Transformational Professional Training


at the House of Harmonies in mystical Prescott, AZ - USA

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Maria McGonigal

Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Advanced Trainer

As a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Advanced Trainer

my Vision and Mission is:

To train, cultivate, certify, and inspire compassionate and intuitive


Soul Coaching® Advanced Practitioners

of the highest caliber, integrity, and professionalism, while supporting each other

for the highest good and with a depth of kindness and authenticity.

My goal is to effect positive change for the planet.

We will do this through our Soul Coaching® teaching and personal practices.

Empowering others, creating joy in the world, one life at a time.

"Maria is the epitome of wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. She embodies a spirit which is always seeking and striving and she encourages nothing less from her students.


If you are ready to be “all in” for the journey to your spiritual core, then Maria is the Soul Coaching Trainer for you!

I was not sure what to expect and wasn’t really clear as to why I had come to this training. The eight days I spent with Maria and my “soul sisters” were some of the most transformational of my life.
Maria helped me to connect with my soul so that I was able to help myself. To gain a level of clarity I could not have achieved without her guidance.


This was not a smooth journey... it was a journey of truth... a journey I needed to make. 
It is not easy to express in words how life changing and wonderful this experience was.

Maria’s essence is fire and authenticity.

She brings all of herself to the circle of Soul Coaching and for those of us brave enough to step into this circle with her... we are forever blessed."

~ Monica Galli - Soul Coaching® Practitioner


Mother Tree
Botanical Garden ~ Coimbra, Portugal