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This retreat was postponed due to Covid.
Please contact Maria McGonigal for more information

The Heart of the Matter

Elemental Yoga™  Retreat

Relax, Restore,

& Rediscover yourself...

in mystical Ireland

at the majestic Springfield Castle

Date to be determined

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"Mystical Ireland, Elemental Yoga™,

& the magic of the Sacred Elements;

 Air, Water, Fire & Earth

 alchemize to offer you an unforgettable journey into The Heart of the Matter.

Into what matters the most: YOU!"



Why come to Ireland with us?

Relax, Restore  & Rediscover Yourself ...

Relax, Restore  & Rediscover Yourself

in the Light  of  Yoga, the Sacred  Elements and Mystical Ireland.

Our intention during this Elemental Yoga™ retreat is to connect lovingly with ourselves, and with the land.


The ancient Celts lived a rich life, filled with wisdom gained from profound connections with the natural world.

If we forget our connection with the land, we lose our ability to navigate our own landscape.

Through Elemental Yoga™, the Sacred Elements (Air, Water, Fire & Earth) and the magic of Ireland we will connect deeply with the land to relax, restore and rediscover ourselves.


Connect with the Land ...

Ireland  is a place of mystery!

Often called one of the most fascinating lands in Europe, everyone who visits Ireland is deeply touched in the most astonishing ways, by the landscape, the sacred sites, the heart of the people, and their traditions.

The Irish landscape is stunningly beautiful and diverse.

From lovely fields blanketed in wild flowers dotted with castles, to towering cliffs defying the rough oceans surrounding the Emerald Isle, there really is nothing quite like the dramatic Irish landscape.

The sacred sites are some of the most powerful places on the planet and you can find them everywhere you turn.

There are over 1,200 huge stone monuments some of which are older than the pyramids.

Ancient sacred mounds, dolmens, monasteries, ancient holy wells, celtic crosses and circles of energy decorate the rolling green hills.
These are symbols of devotion to the land, its energy and its people.
We will travel to the majestic Cliffs of Moher and The Burren during our retreat.
Immerse yourself in this land of mystery,


The mystic essence & beauty of  the Emerald Isle will stir your Soul.

Ireland is wild but welcoming!
Come with us to mystical Ireland!


Yomna Zein

The 8-day experience with Maria was beyond anything I could have imagined. There was an intimate connection with all the four elements that I had never experienced before. Maria helped me deeply connect with my inner wisdom and allowed me to truly show up in my truth as she so beautifully embodies being a wise, compassionate, loving human being.

The entire experience was one magical moment after another. Volumes upon volumes can be written about the amount of Divine messages, synchronicities, healings and epiphanies that happened in such a short time frame. I am truly Blessed to have been guided to take this journey with Maria as I 100% know that her essence brought something inexplicably unique and powerful into the program.

Yomna Zein ~ Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification ~ 2019 Prescott, AZ ~ USA

AIR: I AM Ready to Clear My Mind!

Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga™, is a gentle yet powerful practice open to students of all levels.
It weaves together gentle Yoga with the wisdom of the Four Sacred Elements.


This beautiful practice brings forth the awareness that we are of the Earth, like everything else created from the Four Sacred Elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Carl Sagan said, “We’re made of star stuff”… as above, so below.

When we restore our connection with the nature of who we are, we understand that everything around us is interconnected.

Modern life removed us from our true connection with Nature and therefore we feel that the environment is separate… outside of us. This has lead us to pollute and destroy the environment.


The survival of our species depends on a return to an intimate relationship with Nature.

In the pursuit of that intimacy, we realize that Nature’s ebb and flow influences how we feel about ourselves. And how we feel about ourselves will affect our environment.

We begin caring more, protecting the Earth and bringing hope to the future of humanity.

The true meaning of Yoga, which means union, will be realized.

"Elemental Yoga™ is a revolution to awaken our relationship

with our “nature self” and our place in the Universe."

~ Maria McGonigal





Do you often feel lost and confused?
ELEMENT AIR: Learn to use Air to clear your mind.

With ancient breathing exercises, simple meditation practices, etc.

Do you feel emotionally stuck in life?
ELEMENT WATER: Learn to use Water to harmonize emotions.

Through visualization techniques, charged Water, etc.

Do you lack purpose in your life?

ELEMENT FIRE: Learn to use Fire to ignite your passion.
Activating Breath of Fire, connecting with the Sun, etc.

Do you have difficulty manifesting your desires?

ELEMENT EARTH: Learn to use EARTH to ground your vision.

Through mindful eating, Forest Bathing on the Castle's ancient grounds, etc.

Through inner and outer adventures you will experience an intimate connection with all the four elements that you may never have experienced before.

You will deeply connect with your inner wisdom

which will allow you to truly show up in your truth.

Our Majestic Retreat

Travel in your imagination, to the distant past, as you enter

the secluded elegance of Springfield Castle.

Delight in the luxury of a gone by era where every detail

envelops you with sheer nobleness.

  Springfield Castle

Historic Springfield Castle will be our home for this magnificent retreat.
It is also the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Muskerry.

The castle is situated in the heart of County Limerick on a magical 200 acre wooded estate and is approached along a magnificent three quarter mile long avenue, lined with ancient lime trees.
Springfield castle is set on an eco-farm with over 150 deer.

For the photographers please know the castle staff have taken past guests in a pickup truck for closer pictures.

An ideal place for you, to bring yourself into the present moment surrounded by nature.