Soul Coaching® International institute

Soul coaching® Practitioner
Professional CertificatION

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.

Seek the path that demands your whole being.”


~ Rumi

Soul coaching® practitioner certification
8 Day Professional Training

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person

by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

~ Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Do you want to be

a powerful & Conscious

harbinger for change

in the world?

Become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner!


Choose a heart centered career

and make a difference in the world

        by empowering yourself and others.


~ For deep transformation in your life

~ To start a new career

   or add to your existing one?
~ To find your Soul's truth?

~ To make a difference in the world?

... and become a part of the amazing worldwide Soul Coaching® Community!

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March 11-18, 2022
in Prescott, AZ at the House of Harmonies
Registration Due Date ~ MARCH 1, 2022
Online 28 Day Program begins April 1, 2022

JUNE 10-17, 2022
in Prescott, AZ at the House of Harmonies
Registration Due Date ~ JUNE 1, 2022
Online 28 Day Program begins June 28, 2022

OCTOBER 7-14, 2022
in Prescott, AZ at the House of Harmonies
Registration Due Date ~ September 28, 2022
Online 28 Day Program begins October 25, 2022

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Maria McGonigal
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Prescott, AZ 86301 

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The vision of Soul Coaching® is to create safe spaces for individuals

to tap into the truth of their soul,

leading to greater joy and a more intimate, loving connection to all life.



Soul Coaching® provides deep personal transformation

on the sacred journey

to discovering the truth of one’s soul,

while activating acceptance, compassion and joy.

“As a Soul Coaching® Practitioner,

your mission will be to create a safe space within which

your clients can listen to the inner messages from their soul.


Through Soul Coaching® they will discover their authentic self,

and begin to realize the meaning of their life.

It is an act of power to provide this for another being.

Becoming a Soul Coaching® Practitioner not only profoundly contributes

to the well being of others, but also it is a very personal voyage.

Along the way you discover even more of the majesty and power

that dwells within you.

Ultimately there is a much bigger vision for us as coaches.

As we contribute, with integrity and majesty to the well being of others,

I believe that we are also contributing to the collective consciousness,

thus making the world a better place for us all.”


~ Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching

your trainer, mentor, leader & friend

"Maria is a true master of her craft. Teacher, Mentor, leader, friend."

Johanna Walsh - Soul Coaching® Certification - October, 2018

Maria McGonigal

Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner
& Advanced Trainer

"Maria is one of the very few individuals worldwide that

I have personally chosen to carry the Soul Coaching® legacy into the future, through training and certifying professional Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

Maria is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Advanced Trainer.

She has attained the highest level of Soul Coaching ® training and is one of a select group of individuals I have personally trained in my special method of coaching.


She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering the soul's truth; those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives.

~ Denise Linn

    Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching®  

The Soul Loves the Truth

This Certification Program is a personal voyage of transformation.

It takes you to your spiritual source to help you find meaning and sacredness in everyday life.

It is about telling the truth to yourself about your life.

When you tell the truth, your energy increases and when you don't tell the truth, you become depleted.
Many people are exhausted and depleted because they are not being starkly honest with themselves.
When you are authentic, your soul thrives and shines.


Guided by the Four Sacred Elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth you learn how to clear away inner debris as you access your inner wisdom and find your truth.

I believe that our memories, beliefs, and emotions are tied in some mysterious and organic way to the elements of nature. By activating these elements within us it seems that we also activate quadrants of our souls.

The foundational belief of Soul Coaching® is that the answers you need are within you.


Empowered with this wisdom, and the amazing tools this program offers, you can immediately

begin coaching others and assisting them to realize their greatest potential.

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to learn more about our transformative Training

What's Included

~ Trademarked and worldwide recognized Coaching Program

~ 100 hours plus Professional Certification Program with a variety of coaching methods

~ Deluxe Soul Coaching® Workbook (233 pages)


~ Online 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program (includes 28 Daily Audio Meditations & Affirmations)


~ Flashdrive with 4 different Soul Coaching®  28 Day Programs   


   1- 28 Days to Discovering your Authentic Self

   2- 28 Day Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body
   3- 28 Day Letting it Go for weight loss program
   4- Special 'Women in Need' Soul Coaching Program

Plus the Sacred Soul Coaching Collage® Program
and so much more...


                  For full information on the Soul Coaching® Professional Curriculum please click below


Soul Coaching® Professional Curriculum

course format

8 Day On-Site
Day Class (no lodging included - students have option to stay wherever they wish)

28 Day Online Program - will occur after the 8 Day On-Site

28 Day Online Program is an intrinsic and most important part of the Training.
Graduation Certificate will only be awarded if and when the 28 day program is complete to the satisfaction of the Trainer.

Tuition includes: 8 Day Onsite, 28 Day Online Program, All Course Materials, plus all Movement & Meditation, Vibrational Healing Sound & Color, Essential Oils material that has been integrated into the Training.

PLUS Delicious Organic Vegetarian Lunches, Two Bonuses Dinners, Organic Snacks and Teas available during breaks, Excursions, Three Exquisite Bonuses and Surprise Gifts.


8                    Days

amazing retreat like experience

"Maria created the perfect blend of workshop and retreat."
Miss Jade Waken - Soul Coaching® Certification - October, 2018


Wild Path

3:30pm - 8pm

You are embarking on a mystical Soul Journey!


Tropical Fruit Dessert

  12pm - 2pm

Indulge in wholesome, organic lunches in our beautiful living room or peaceful garden.

DAY 2 - 7

Reaching Out to the Sun

   8am - 6pm

Open your heart and listen to the wisdom of your Soul!


Pumpkin Soup

   6pm - 8pm

Two sumptuous BONUS Dinners.

Sublime Sound Activation & Graduation.



   8am - 8pm

Final teachings.
Celebration & Graduation!


Cup of Tea

    Soul Time

During this intensive training you will have time to rest, breathe, journal and contemplate. 



Dive deep into Nature and the nature of your Elemental Self with powerful INITIATIONS into the Four Sacred Elements.
From our private home studio we will go on excursions into the Granite Dells (1.4 billion years old), Mystical Watson and Willow Lakes

and other powerful surprise ancient vortices.

Weather Permitting

what is unique about my certification

three exquisite bonuses


into the

Four Sacred Elements


elemental Initiations

at various ancient vortices

Sublime Sound Activation


Graduation  Dinners


Sublime Sound Activation

with Mini Vision Quest

Four Unique Initiations

into the Four Sacred Elements


One of 4 exquisite, one-of-a-kind Elemental Initiations, is this "Water Initiation with Vibrational Sound". Sink into our private Jacuzzi with views of the stunning San Francisco Peaks, the mystical Granite Dells and feminine Glassford Hill both a stone throw away.
While Water will embrace and revive in you the memory of being in the womb, healing sounds will vibrate every cell in your body reawakening your blueprint of perfection. State of the art Water Speakers will make this experience truly memorable.

Valued at: $500

Two Sumptuous Dinners

Life is meant to be lived fully!
My teachings have always been a platform to awaken the full spectrum of who you are, or can be.
Tantalizing tastes, scents and colors will awaken the senses to a whole new level. We will consciously nourish our body, mind, heart and soul while sharing a sumptuous meal.
We call it the "YOGA of Eating".
Bringing ritual, sacredness and meaning to every facet of our lives.
Take this experience and earnestly apply it to every aspect of your daily life.

                Valued at: $100

Sublime Sound Activation

and Mini Vision Quest

Soul Coaching® is about bringing sacredness into our daily lives. Honoring the Sacred Elements, blending with the Seasons and merging with the planets.

Understanding viscerally that we are elemental beings and a part of all that exists. Ritual is mostly overlooked by our society and has left us thirsty for the mystery.
This Ceremony and Vision Quest will infuse you with a sense of awe and majesty.

               Valued at: $130

what my unique certification offers

This training has been skillfully crafted to bring you

a profound experience of excellence. 
For the last 20 years I have dedicated my life to the

study and teaching of  Yoga, Meditation,

Vibrational Sound & Color Healing, 

and Essential Oils

The wisdom gained from these practices is

masterfully woven into this Training.
It will grant you with new ways of thinking,

feeling, hearing, seeing and tasting the world that

will enhance, deepen and expand the

Soul Coaching® Curriculum.

Dive deep into Nature and the nature of your Elemental Self

with powerful INITIATIONS into the Four Sacred Elements.
From our private home studio we will go on excursions into
the Granite Dells (1.4 billion years old), Mystical Watson

and Willow Lakes and other powerful surprise vortices.

This hands-on, highly experiential Program

will give you a strong foundation and the confidence

to begin teaching others immediately.
Many have chosen to embark on this journey without the intention to become a Practitioner.
Nevertheless you will leave with many techniques
and practices that have the power to potentially transform your life.

Have questions?

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Soul coaching® practitioner certification

8 Day Professional Training


soul coaching® Practitioner certification

trainings 2019/ 2020 - usa/europe



March 11-18, 2022

Begins April 1, 2022 - New Moon



June 10-17, 2022

Begins June 28, 2022 - New Moon



October 7-14, 2022

Begins October 25 , 2022 - New Moon



November 4-9, 2022


Begins November 16, 2022 
New Moon




Join us in beautiful Portugal for the training of a lifetime



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